This is an excellent rig for trying two different baits at distance. Both baits are held neatly behind the impact shield during the cast, serving to stream-line the rig and protect the baits. Cut the length of rig-line required and tie on a suitable lead-link. Add an impact shield and a bead. You can now add either a sliding stop-knot or a crimp that will act as a buffer to release the hooks on the impact shield. Now slide on a crimp, bead and swivel followed by another bead and crimp. These will eventually be “locked” in place approximately half-way along the main rig-line, but not just yet. Repeat this process a second time and finish with a swivel or clip to attach to the shock-leader.

Attach preferred choice of snoods and hooks to the swivels, one snood approximately half the rig length, the other almost the full length. At this stage it pays to use different breaking strains and line colour that will aid un-tangling should it be necessary. With the hooks in place on the impact shield, slide each group of crimps and swivels up the rig-line. With the snoods now under gentle tension, crimp them in place.