• Terry's Teach-in at Baronscourt
    Teaching children angling techniques at Baronscourt This month’s “teach-in” is one with a difference. Not only was it a weekend adventure rather than a single day, but also, it would be better described as an “angling clinic”. On this occasion I had seven budding superstars to contend with.       During a recent angling-coaching event, I hi-jacked some of the pack away from the game angling theory to teach them the art of pole and waggler fishi...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series Part 12 Black-mouthed Dogfish
    Black-Mouthed Dogfish (aka Black-mouthed catshark) Fact file Name BlackMouth Dogfish Latin name Galeus melastomus Irish record Not applicable as yet Specimen weight Not applicable as yet     The trip As this is the last article of my specimen hunting series, I decided to finish with a fish that is little known in the sea-angling world, and furthermore, has yet to be acknowledged by the Irish Specimen Fish Committee as a viable target species in Ireland. So, what is the proc...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series Part 11 Bull Huss
    The Bull Huss Challenge Name: Greater spotted dogfish, also known as Bull Huss. Latin name: Scyliorhinus stellaris Irish record: 23lbs 13ozs, taken at Kenmare Bay by Perry Dumay on 17.09.2003 Specimen weight: 16lbs or 7.257 kilos       The trip After last month’s successful Tope adventure, I opted to stay on the predator theme and seek out another big hitter in the “toothy critter” line up. For this month’s article, I have decided on the challenge of...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series Part 10 Tope
    The Tope Challenge    Latin name (Galeorhinus galeus) Irish record, 66 pounds 8 ounces, taken at Carlingford Lough on 15.7.1979 by Cyril Young Specimen weight, 18.144 kilos or 40 pounds       The trip Looking back through the recent list of species I have targeted for this series throughout the season, I realised that it was time to seek out something a little more exciting. Mullet, Tench and Wrasse are worthy challenges but it was now time to catch a true preda...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series Part 9 Ballan Wrasse
    The Ballan Wrasse Challenge    Latin name (Labrus bergylta) Irish record 4.3 kilos, taken at Clogher Head on 20.08.1983 by Bertrand Kron Specimen weight 2.154 kilos or 4.75 pounds   The trip Despite the fact that Ballans occupy almost every under water reef and kelp forest around our coast line, the capture of a specimen greater than four pounds twelve ounces is definitely not a foregone conclusion. With thousands caught and released by shore and boat anglers each year, the...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series Part 8 Roach/bream Hybrid
    The Roach-Bream Hybrid Challenge   Irish record, 7 pounds, taken at lower River Bann on 24.04.2002 by Roy Gretton   Specimen weight, 3.528 pounds or 1.6 kilos       The trip Two years ago, the prospect of locating and catching a specimen Roach-Bream Hybrid would have given me no cause for concern at all. In fact, it would have been so easy I would not have considered targeting it for this series! The Lower Bann running from Lough Neagh at Toome down through Loug...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series part 7 Grey Mullet
    The Grey Mullet Challenge Latin name Chelon labrosus Irish record, 9.10 pounds, taken at Cork Harbour by Cay Heerwagen on the 26.09.93 Specimen weight, 5 pounds or 2.268 kilos         The trip So far this year, to keep things interesting, I have tried to alternate the specimen hunting from salt-water to fresh-water. After last month’s fabulous Tench capture, it was time to take on the challenge of a sea-going specimen. In keeping with the editor’s demands...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series Part 6 Tench
    The Tench Challenge Latin name Tinca tinca Irish record, 8.15 pounds taken at Ballyeighter Lake by Nick Parry on 20.06.95 Specimen weight, 6 pounds       The trip After last month’s “near miss” with the Plaice specimen, I needed an ego boost and decided on the relative safety of a coarse angling species. I say safety, but in reality, no specimens are a certainty! June heralds the arrival of the Tench season in the North, lagging behind the warmer climat...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series Part 5 Plaice
    The Plaice Challenge Latin name Pleuronectes platessa Irish record, 8.23 pounds, taken at Ballycotton pier by Edmund Cull on 23.1.82 Specimen weight, 4 pounds.     The trip After last month’s Carp challenge, and the editors’ demands to target something a little more challenging, I decided to pull out all the stops and target a species on the North Coast that, at specimen size, is as rare as rocking-horse manure. Certainly, twenty years ago, a four-pound plaice would...

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  • Specimen Hunting Series Part 4 Carp
    The Carp Challenge Latin name Cyprinus carpio Irish record 29lbs 13oz taken at The Lough, Cork by Sidney Kennedy on 5.7.1998 Specimen weight 12lbs or 5.443 Kilos     Article 4 of a twelve part series, originally written for Irish Angler magazine several years ago  The trip I had several specimen options to target this month, and, after a great deal of thought, narrowed my list down to three species, namely Perch, Roach or Carp. A welcome break in the chilly weather b...

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