Float-Paternoster Rig

This Rig is created by simply adding a sliding float above a simple Paternoster rig and is excellent for river venues. With the correct lead-weight attached, it will hold a bait in a particular hot-spot, such as a deep Gulley or ledge, and also manage to keep the bait off the bottom offering movement and visual attraction. With rod-tip positioned high and the main line between rod-tip and float kept reasonably taught, this particular method will keep line out of the flow and form an extremely sensitive means of bite indication.

With some fishy interest appearing, the float will either dip several times, move across the surface, or bury under, ripping yards of line from the spool. With a bite alarm and balanced “drop-back” indicator set-up attached, any small movement will register immediately. On still-waters with a strong breeze blowing, fish the float attached bottom end only, with the main-line buried below the surface. This will help prevent the wind from moving the bait out of the productive area.