Flying Collar Rig

This is a tried and tested method for Pollack, Coalfish and occasionally Cod. Using a hook length of 4m to 6m in length, this presents artificial baits such as a Red Gill or Jelly worms, or indeed natural baits including Sand eel, Mackerel strip or Rag worm in a very life like manner. Simply allow the lure to flow out with the tide, and then slowly drop the Rig to the seabed, reef or wreck. Once on or close to the bottom, begin slowly retrieving the tackle, if there are no takes then repeat the process. Bites range from gentle taps on the rod-tip to full-blown rod benders. It is important not to strike a bite with this method, just carry on reeling and the fish will normally hook itself as it turns and heads for the depths. 30lb nylon is usually sufficient and an extra swivel halfway along the hook length helps prevent line twists.