Running Ledger Rig


When water conditions are unsuitable for float fishing, i.e. extremely windy days, or deep, fast flowing rivers, or even shallow Loughs, the Running Ledger is a practical, yet simple and effective method. The Rig is reasonably easily cast against the wind, and with suitable lead-weight will hold a bait steady on the river bed in a fast flow, allowing a Pike plenty of time to home in on the scent, a definite advantage when the water is coloured.

Also the nature of a Running Ledger offers little or no resistance when a Pike lifts the bait, a method worth trying if bites are shy and dropped runs occur. Baits can be “popped-up” to add movement or rise above weed beds, or simply to aid scent dispersal. Pop the baits up with air injection or balsa-foam inserts. Keep the rod tip buried below the surface and pointed towards the bait to avoid un-wanted rod-tip movement on blustery days.