Single-hook distance

When extreme distance is required, this is the rig to use. By cutting down on the number of hooks, swivels, beads and bulky bait, you can add valuable metres to your cast. It is obviously beneficial to have at least one bait among feeding fish rather than three baits over barren sea-bed! Although distance is not always necessary, at times it can be absolutely essential for a successful outcome. This rig comes into its own when targeting Dogfish and Ray from shallow surf beaches.

Obviously all beach rigs must be tied with suitable nylon, particularly when “power-casting”. A good rule of thumb when gauging line strength is 10lbs b/s of nylon for each ounce of weight used, i.e. a five ounce lead will require at least 50lb b/s nylon to withstand the stress of casting. This includes the nylon rig body as well, and to be safe, better to step up to 60lb b/s for that margin of error. As with all beach rig construction, only use the highest quality components for maximum safety.