Standard Float Rig

Float fishing is an extremely effective method as it offers very little resistance to a fish when taking the bait. This was always an excellent way of fishing live baits such as Roach or Perch but it must be noted that live-baiting is now illegal throughout Ireland. However, this remains an effective method for dead baiting and works well in shallow, quiet waters.

By replacing the standard float with a "Drifter" type float and using the same set up, it is possible to cover large expanses of water, searching out the Pike rather than waiting for them to come to you. The Drifter float incorporates a small plastic sail that catches the breeze and pulls the dead bait in tow, covering greater areas and giving the bait added movement. Obviously the wind direction needs to be off your back. A longer rod is beneficial for line control and setting the hooks. Also, use floating braid for the main-line as this will obviously lift off the water surface during a strike and serve to keep the line away from under-water “snags” over vast areas.