Swim-Feeder Rig

This Rig is used in conjunction with a Quiver-tip or sometimes a Swing-tip rod when Ledgering. It is a highly successful method that catches most freshwater coarse species in Ireland, particularly Bream, Roach and Roach-Bream Hybrids.

Simply tie an 8-inch loop in the main line, to carry the swim-feeder, followed by a small loop tied approximately 12 inches away. Attach the lighter hook length and suitable hook to the smaller loop and the rig is complete.

There are many variations of this set-up, but the idea is basically to anchor the hook-bait hard on the bottom, whilst offering free particles of feed via the swim feeder at the same time. This helps to attract fish to the area and encourages them to feed confidently. It is important to cast accurately, keeping the feed and shoal of fish concentrated in one local area.