• Maiden Voyage
    A trip to the Maiden Islands For any sea anglers reading this article that are not familiar with Belfast Lough, the Maidens are a group of nine islands of varying size, that lie approximately six miles offshore from Larne harbour. Also known as the Hulin Rocks, the two main islands stand proud on the horizon and are easily visible from the coast road. My earliest angling experience in this area was many years ago, aboard the well-known angling vessel “The Missy Moo”, owned and char...

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  • Fly Fishing for Pike
    Fly Fishing for Pike As winter strengthens its grip around the coast and the water temperatures begin to fall, many of our fish species dwindle. Apart from a few isolated areas and a small number of target species, angling success can be quite poor. However, many anglers in Ireland today are learning to adapt, and being able to make the switch from saltwater to freshwater and vice-versa, offers opportunities to enjoy excellent sport throughout the entire year. Having targeted most species in t...

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  • Ballycastle
    Sea Angling on the North-Antrim Coast Ballycastle harbour is situated on the North Antrim coastline, famous for the picturesque Glens of Antrim, Rathlin Island and “the aul lamas fair”. However, for sea anglers and specimen hunters alike, Ballycastle sound offers a far greater attraction. I have enjoyed many successful trips from this harbour with local skipper Sean McKay, targeting large Pollack and Ling over deepwater offshore reefs, and specimen Conger at anchor or during slack t...

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