Mixed Species Rig

 (Gurnard, Whiting, flat-fish, Wrasse etc)

This has to be my favourite all-round boat rig targeting almost all saltwater species. The vast majority of Irish species feed either on or very near to the sea bed, and this rig offers the chance to target most of them. It is an excellent boat competition rig and used to great effect.

The wire boom should be no more than 60cms above the lower boom, with a snood length of approximately 20cms. The bottom snood can range from 1m to 5m in length depending on conditions. With hook sizes kept small, size 1 or 1/0, they will target a vast range of species from small Dabs, Codling, Whiting and Gurnards to large Ray. Make sure the hook patterns and wire booms are of a strong gauge as this rig will find some extremely large fish on occasion! Coloured beads and flicker spoons give visual attraction and vibration to tempt flatfish and Gurnards.